Nothing would be more frustrating than seeing your investment ruining because of weed and we are not aware of remedies. Nowadays various harsh chemicals are available in the market that may give you relief for an instant but what about those who don’t want to take a risk of harsh chemicals? Pesticide-free solutions are best for the patio & driveways. Take a look and do let us know what will you try


Well, salt is best for the pesky weeds which are common in patio & driveways. It will be easily absorbed into the surface but we suggest you not to use directly over lawn because it may prevent future growth. Three parts of salt mix with one part of water and left for 10 minutes to get dissolved and just spray everywhere.

Boiled water

You might have no idea what boiled water can do for the surface rather than buying expensive and harsh chemicals. Simply pour water over weeds for instant results and make sure that it won’t affect the greenery.  You can simply add the one tablespoon of salt in water for making it much effective for the surface.


Usually, weed issues come in all type of driveways but high-quality resin bound in Hertfordshire always seen with weed issues at wide range so vinegar is also an amazing remedy to get rid of weeds. It can affect the PH level of soil that will affect the growth of plants. Spray vinegar everywhere either on block paving, gravel driveways & resin surface.


 Weeds can’t survive without moisture and while using vinegar it may affect the greenery but with alcohol, you won’t face such things. Take 2 tablespoons of alcohol and mix it in a litre of water and then spray all over the weeds.


These are the homemade weed killers that won’t affect the greenery at all and help to resist weed completely. Rather than buying harsh chemicals for weed killers follow the homemade weed killers that will save your cost and won’t ruin the driveways and patio. Get the help of experts who have been dealing with your patios and driveways they will let you know about all the pros and cons of everything in detail. Do follow them and don’t invest in something cheap and useless.